Master React Native Development: Build Mobile Apps with Ease

Master React Native Development: Build Mobile Apps with Ease


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Are you ready to dive into the world of mobile app development? At Cling Infotech, we're thrilled to introduce our upcoming course on React Native Development.

In this comprehensive program, we will equip you with the skills and knowledge to create stunning mobile applications using the power of React Native. Join us as we explore the exciting possibilities that React Native offers and discover the rewarding career opportunities that await you.

"Unlock the power of React Native and create stunning mobile apps that captivate users. Join our course and become a skilled React Native developer ready to conquer the mobile app industry."

What is React Native Development?

React Native is a powerful framework that enables developers to build mobile applications using JavaScript. It allows you to create high-quality, native-like apps for both iOS and Android platforms, using a single codebase. With React Native, you can leverage your existing JavaScript skills to develop robust, interactive, and visually appealing mobile apps.

Career Opportunities in React Native

Choosing React Native Development as your career path opens up a wide range of exciting opportunities. Here are some key career paths you can explore:

  1. Mobile App Developer: As a React Native developer, you can specialize in mobile app development, creating feature-rich, cross-platform applications for various industries and sectors.

  2. Freelance Developer: React Native's versatility and demand make it an excellent choice for freelance developers. You can work on a project basis, offering your expertise to clients worldwide.

  3. Start-up Entrepreneur: With React Native, you have the power to turn your innovative app ideas into reality. Develop your mobile app start-up and disrupt industries with your unique solutions.

Why React Native is the First Choice Among Developers

React Native has become the top choice among developers for mobile app development due to the following key reasons:

  1. Cross-Platform Development: React Native allows developers to write code once and deploy it across multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android. This saves time and effort by eliminating the need for separate codebases for each platform.

  2. Native-Like Performance: React Native achieves native-like performance by leveraging native components and APIs through a bridge that connects JavaScript code to native platform code. This results in smooth and responsive user interfaces, delivering high performance and an excellent user experience.

  3. Reusability of Code: React Native enables code reusability, allowing developers to reuse components across different projects. This significantly speeds up development time, maintains consistency, and promotes collaboration among development teams.

Salary of React Native Developers

React Native developers are in high demand, both in India and the USA.


  • Junior React Native Developer: ₹5-7 lakhs per annum

  • Mid-level React Native Developer: ₹8-12 lakhs per annum

  • Senior React Native Developer: ₹15-20 lakhs per annum


  • Junior React Native Developer: $60,000 - $80,000 per annum

  • Mid-level React Native Developer: $80,000 - $120,000 per annum

  • Senior React Native Developer: $120,000 - $180,000 per annum

Our Comprehensive React Native Development Course Curriculum

Our comprehensive React Native Development course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation and hands-on experience in building mobile applications. Here's a quick overview of what the course will cover:

  1. Introduction to Mobile Development using React Native: Get acquainted with the fundamentals of mobile app development using React Native, understanding the core concepts and architecture.

  2. React Native Components: Learn how to create interactive user interfaces by utilizing React Native components and exploring their functionalities.

  3. Design using Flexbox: Dive into the world of responsive design using Flexbox. Master the art of creating beautiful and adaptive layouts for your mobile applications.

  4. Advanced Concepts: Explore advanced topics such as navigation, state management, animations, and integrating third-party libraries to enhance the functionality and user experience of your apps.

  5. Writing Native Code for Android and iOS: Gain the skills to extend the capabilities of your React Native apps by writing platform-specific native code for Android and iOS.

Industry Projects

During the five-month duration of the course, you will work on five industry projects. These projects will provide you with real-world experience and help you build a strong portfolio to showcase your skills and expertise to potential employers.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to become a proficient React Native developer and embark on a rewarding career in mobile app development. Enroll in our React Native Development course and gain the skills and confidence to create innovative and user-friendly mobile applications. Let's unlock the potential of React Native together!